0800 6124405 (FREE) and 07796 305472 (MOBILE). 13 Rochmans Way, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2PZ



24th at 6pm Community meeting #Netchatter
30th at 4pm ELITE with Bronwyn Rich as Guest Speaker
Please remember there is also #Businesschat every day with questions and free advertising at the weekend.

We hold FREE virtual meetings every month. There is a guest speaker and all who attend get a chance to tell the others about their business. The meeting is mediated by Simon Robinson.

Our next meeting is on 2nd October at 2.30pm. Our Guest speaker direct from the UAE is Abigail Olubuyide.

Donations to Crowborough Foundation are welcome but not compulsory. https://www.crowboroughfoundation.com/donate-now/


Free membership to both our Facebook and LinkedIn private groups with over 1000 members.

Opportunity to advertise your Business on Facebook pages daily to over 1000 #littlemeetup members.

Opportunity to communicate with other members direct on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter. https://twitter.com/littlemeetup

LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8872476/

Facebook. https://facebook.com/groups/littlemeetup 

AMBASSADOR ROLES – Head is Mia Wagner Harris, International is Sarah Spicer and Business is Miriam Kay.

(Crowborough Foundation Ambassador is Mia Wagner Harris and her Deputy is Gaia Srymova.)


Next meeting is on Wednesday 30th September at 4pm.

Priority access to over 75 networking events each year.

Listing in our Members’ Directory.

Chance to post your business news on our website, which we will promote on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Articles in our monthly newsletter distributed throughout our #littlemeetup community.

Help others including mutual member support and collaboration.

Promote commercial business but not by any pressure referrals or sales tactics.

To operate internationally.

To have a lock out system in operation with one member from each trade.

To provide 221’s to members to help ease the burden of running their business.

To have exclusive advertising rights to the members of #littlemeetup and an option to be a Guest Speaker at #littlemeetup online gatherings.

Complimentary Training programmes.

For more details of the benefits available by being a member please either email or use the chat facility.

Cost is £240 per annum with a joining fee of £30. This is payable by the following link:- https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0002S0459AWJ

Internationally payment can be made to Crowborough Foundation Account number – 27652336, Sort Code – 23 05 80, IBAN – GB90MYMB23058027652336 and SWIFT reference – MYMBGB2L. 

The payment will not be taken from your plan until you give us the go ahead.

Ambassador is Miriam Kay and Sarah Spicer is her Deputy.



New group for different countries such as Malaysia, USA, France, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain, Hungary, UAE etc.

Our next meeting will be on Friday 2nd October at 2.30pm UK time to be held in the United Arab Emirates.

For these groups we will have English Coaching available from our International Ambassador Sarah Spicer which will include guidance on what to say at a network meeting.



Little MeetUp Ltd and Crowborough Foundation take responsibility for all data held and do not process data for any purpose other than the legitimate purposes.
Little MeetUp Ltd and Crowborough Foundation will only obtain information relevant to the services provided.
Clients retain the right to ask Little MeetUp Ltd and Crowborough Foundation what information it has about them, and what the company does with this information. In addition, the client has the right to ask for correction, object to processing, lodge a complaint, or even ask for the deletion or transfer of his or her personal data.

LITTLE MEETUP Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crowborough Foundation.