0800 6124405 (FREE) and 07796 305472 (MOBILE). 13 Rochmans Way, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2PZ



Crowborough Foundation is a charity founded in 2009 working for the public benefit.

The charitable purposes are as follows:-

“To educate people in England by providing information for the public benefit. This information is limited to being about Business, Community and the Environment. The people that benefit are those that require this information for the benefit of their Community.” 

To help secure these aims Crowborough Foundation arranges meet ups between people who are interested in these goals. These are now virtual meetings using Zoom and the dates and times can be found on https://www.crowboroughfoundation.com/littlemeetup/ 


These programmes are designed to help people leaving School or Further Education of any kind with networking and training programmes that suit their needs.

We have five Coaches and a number of Student/Graduates on our programmes and we are always looking for new people.

Current coaches include Edmee Carroll, Grace Lord, Jasmine Kharod, Claire Harding and Simon Robinson.

Crowborough Foundation collaborates with two commercial companies:-

The Coaching Business Ltd. which offers free mentoring on behalf of Crowborough Foundation, to people seeking employment.

Mobile Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd. who offer some free cleaning within the community on behalf of Crowborough Foundation.

Crowborough Foundation works in conjunction with others in the field of helping others. National Careers Advisory Service, East Sussex College, Prince’s Trust, Miriam Kay Coaching and Nescot College. We also support Tubbs Computer Supplies who rebuild computers free for children who need them for their education http://tubbscomputersupplies.org

If you wish to become involved with the Foundation, or are interested in their work, please contact the Director, Selina Robinson, by e mail contact@crowboroughfoundation.com by freephone 0800 6124405, by mobile 07796 305472 or by post 13 Rochmans Way, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2PZ.

Ambassador is Gainiya Gaia Srv 

Crowborough Foundation can also be found on social media:-







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