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Business Mentoring & Coaching Ltd

Business Mentoring & Coaching Ltd offers mentoring and coaching FREE on behalf of Crowborough Foundation to people seeking employment.

In East and West Sussex, Kent and Surrey this is done by face to face meetings along with e-commerce. Throughout the rest of England and Wales it is done by e-commerce only.

At the end of the course the mentee will receive a certificate of merit.

These courses are provided to people linked to the Prince’s Trust, Lewes Town Council and Let’s Do Business. However, they can also be offered to others subject to certain terms and conditions. Please apply for further details by using our chat page.

Please visit our Business Mentoring & Coaching Ltd website.

To make an enquiry please e mail info@businessmentoringcoaching.co.uk or call FREE 0800 6127426 or mobile 07858492940.

Business Mentoring & Coaching Ltd. also offers mentoring and coaching on a commercial basis for the purposes of self employment, business start up or continuing business development. There is an initial consultation period of 30 minutes provided entirely free.