0800 6124405 (FREE) and 07796 305472 (MOBILE). 13 Rochmans Way, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2PZ



Crowborough Foundation links business with the community. It does this by working with other companies and friends.

Crowborough Foundation also supports two for profit companies where it has significant control:-

Business Mentoring & Coaching Ltd. who offer mentoring and coaching on behalf of Crowborough Foundation to people seeking employment. They also organise meet ups where people discuss the community at large.

Mobile Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd. who offer some cleaning within the community on behalf of Crowborough Foundation.

Crowborough Foundation works with NET Cancer Foundation which is also a small registered charity:-

NET Cancer Foundation works on behalf of Guy’s Cancer, to raise money for the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Hospital, based in London, under the guidance of Professor Val Lewington, Clinical Lead. NET Cancer Foundation also sponsors the FREE meet ups held by Business Mentoring & Coaching Ltd.

In 2019 NET Cancer Foundation will be running a sponsored walk, an X Yard sale and on 23rd November a Fundraising Dinner at the Ashdown Park Hotel in East Sussex. All of the money raised will got to Guy’s Cancer Nuclear Medicine Department.

Tickets are available to purchase from the online shop http://www.crowboroughfoundation.com/product-category/1-x-net-cancer-foundation-fundraiser-dinner-ticker/


If you wish to become involved with the Foundation, or are interested in their work, please contact the Director, Selina Robinson, by e mail contact@crowboroughfoundation.com, by freephone 0800 6124405, by mobile 07796 305472 or by post 13 Rochmans Way, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2PZ.

Crowborough Foundation can also be found on social media:-





Crowborough Foundation raises money by selling donated goods on their Facebook page or by selling new items from their online shop.

The Foundation also raises money from Gift Aid and various other forms of donation.



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